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Toroidal Applications

A toroidal transformer can be used in any electronic application, to step down or step up a voltage or simply isolate electronic equipment from a voltage source. Amgis’ engineers help design products for many industries; in these different industries, our customers work on different applications that require different types of transformers. For this reason, it is extremely important to specify the type of application when submitting a request for quote.

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Different types of applications require different materials and some require specific industry workmanship standards.The application can have significant implications in determining the most suitable and feasible design. Specifying the type of application will help us determine what we should design for; for example, knowing the application will determine whether you need low noise interference, a reduced magnetic field, high regulation, and other important requirements.

Some common applications that toroidal transformers are used in:

  • Security Systems
  • Medical Isolation Equipment
  • Professional Audio and Audio Visual equipment
  • Domestic Hi-Fi Audio and Audio Visual equipment
  • Power Distribution equipment
  • Telecommunication systems
  • Automotive electronics
  • Industrial Control Equipment
  • LED Residential/Commercial Lighting
  • LED Street Lighting
  • LED Airport Runway Lighting
  • Renewable energy inverter systems
  • Many other applications served
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