Amgis Toroidal Power Products

Toroidal Power Inductors

Advantage of Toroidal Power Inductors:

  • Small size (volume and weight)
  • Lower electromagnetic interference (EMI)
  • Quicker cooling than traditional inductors (larger surface area)
  • Near complete magnetic field cancellation
  • Lower resistance (shorter length per turn)
  • Variety of mountings and configurations
toroidal power inductors image

We offer a broad range of standard products that can be quickly and easily configured. We provide the specific wire harnesses, enclosures, and even electrical circuit designs your application might require.

Why Amgis' Power Inductors?

Nearly all of our inductor solutions include a variety of connection and harnessing options with custom mounting and enclosures to meet any customer's requirements. Our toroidal power inductors have low profiles which allows them to easily fit into minimal space. Our inductors can be designed into existing control, monitoring, and circuitry protection systems.

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