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Commercial Toroidal Power Transformers

There are many inherent advantages of the toroidal (ring, donut-shaped core) transformer, relative to other core configurations.

Advantages of Ring Toroidals:

  1. Small and compact size, low weight
  2. Magnetic circuit is nearly ideal
  3. Lower stray magnetic field (perfect for stray magnetic field sensitive circuitry)
  4. Less audible hum
  5. Higher efficiency
  6. Flexible dimensions
  7. Easy to mount
medical toroidal transformer schematic 1

Amgis specializes in custom designs and all of our custom toroidal products can be easily configured as we provide you with the specific wire harnesses, enclosures, and even electrical circuit designs your application might require.
Our custom designs are available from 1.6VA – 15,000 VA output rating for 50/60Hz or 400 Hz designs.

Custom Commercial Toroidal Electric Transformers Include:

  • Custom primary and secondary voltaget
  • Variety of connection and harnessing options
  • Custom mounting and enclosures to meet customer requirements
  • Low height/easily configured into minimal space
  • Class A, B, F or H insulation systems available
  • Most designs are included in our UL-5085 family file at no extra charge
  • Quick turn on quotes and samples. Amgis has in-house core manufacturing which significantly reduces the sample lead time.
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