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AS Series Current Sensors

AS Series Current Sensors are designed as a low cost method of controlling,monitoring or measuring AC currents. The sensors serve as feedback elements between the output and pulse control circuitry providing accurate regulation of switch mode power supplies

  • Fully encapsulated for optimal PC board mounting
  • Frequency range from 20kHz to 200kHz
  • Primary current rating to 30 Amps
  • Primary to secondary isolated to 2500 VAC
  • Meets VDE norms
  • Optimum performance over designated current and frequency range
  • Competitive pricing due to high volume production
  • Manufactured in an ISO-9001:2000, TS-16949:2002 and ISO-14001:2004 certified facility
  • Fully RoHS compliant
AS Series Current Sensors - Current Sense Inductors & Transformers

Spec Sheet

AS Series Current Sense Inductors Transformers


  • Isolated current feed-back signal in Switch Mode Power Supplies.
  • Motor currentload/overload.
  • Lighting.
  • Switch Controls Ultra-sound current.
  • High resolution sonar current.
  • Isolated bi-directional current sensor with full wave bridge rectifier.
ROHS Compliant

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