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Three Phase Toroidal Power Transformers

Three phase toroidal power transformers are three separate single-phase units. This allows for separation of the coils as individual units, giving 3-phase toroidal electrical transformers superior flexibility when compared to traditional E-I transformers. E-I transformers are stacked side by side and cannot be separated, making the weight and management of the unit difficult. Toroidal three-phase coils can be moved individually by one person in most cases and they can be configured in unlimited ways.

We offer a broad range of standard products that can be quickly and easily configured. We provide the specific wire harnesses, enclosures, and even electrical circuit designs your application might require.

six three (3) phase toroidal trasnformers on display

Advantages of Three Phase Toroidal Transformers:

  • Custom primary and secondary voltage
  • Variety of connection and harnessing options
  • Custom mounting and enclosures to meet customer requirements
  • Low height/easily configured into minimal space
  • Can be designed into control, monitoring, and circuitry protection

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