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AMGIS can supply your company with a variety of toroidal power transformer products. Whether the application requires power toroidal transformers, toroidal inductors, toroidal power units, commercial or medical isolation transformers, 3-phase transformers, auto transformer, high efficiency transformers for renewable energy, or custom toroidal applications, Amgis has a solution for your needs. Every unit is meticulously inspected through the manufacturing process using quality standards set by our quality system and various agencies including UL, CSA, and TUV

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AMGIS is your source for high frequency magnetic components. This includes power inductors, filter inductors, common mode inductors, switching regulator indicators, high frequency transformers, as well as current transformers. We work with many different types of cores such as powdered iron, ferrites and various types of laminations. We can manufacture using toroidal, pot core, E core and RM core technologies to name a few. We have an extensive line of standard products available. Custom designing a high quantity unit to fit your need is also one of our services. We offer rapid engineering, quoting and prototyping.

toroidal power unit spread out on the ground

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