Amgis Toroidal Power Products

Telecommunications High Frequency Magnetics

Amgis is a leading supplier of high frequency magnetics for telecommunication applications. In a world where telecom reliability must meet rigorous industry standards, we are sure we can develop a solution that meets your demands.

CCITT.I.430 Compliant

Our MUJ Series line of SMD interface modules is one of our most popular high frequency products; it is fully compliant with the CCITT.I.430 standard and is fully compatible with common Integrated Circuit (IC) layouts. We also offer a variety of standard high frequency common mode chokes and inductors; common mode chokes with high impedances and high frequency inductors can be used to decrease unwanted noise in your transmission lines.

In transmitter/receiver applications, where a signal has to travel long distances, there is always concern about signal distortion. An inductor (with high inductance) can be used to limit this distortion. Since ferromagnetic cores tend to have a saturating frequency that limits the range of use, Amgis can develop core-less inductor coils, often referred to as antenna coils or air core coils. These coils can be designed to meet any inductance and size requirement.

Amgis has over 20 years of custom high frequency magnetics design experience. Our team of engineers is ready to develop a solution for any telecom application.

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