Amgis Toroidal Power Products

Oil & Gas Toroid Transformers

Amgis has helped develop magnetics for the oil and gas industry for many years. Our team of engineers has the experience and knowledge to design magnetics used in any extreme environment, including but not limited to environments of high temperatures (up to 260°C), and in areas of high levels of vibration.

Special design considerations are taken when designing magnetics for the oil and gas industry. Most importantly, temperature appropriate materials must be used. In an environment with heavy vibration and shock, electronics are more prone to damage and extreme wear; to minimize the risk of damage to our magnetics, we can run the parts through various vacuum impregnation processes (when a part is vacuum impregnated, our vacuum chambers ensure that varnish reaches even the deepest layer of windings).ency inductors can be used to decrease unwanted noise in your transmission lines.

In many instances, varnish coating is simply not enough to help against the high temperatures and vibration. With computer aided design software, our engineering staff can also design special plastic or metal cases/enclosures.

At Amgis, we understand the importance of product reliability in the oil and gas industry. Electronic equipment is often left in underground wells for months of years at a time, so we recognize that an unwarranted failure is not acceptable. We are confident that we will surpass your expectations, not only with the mechanical and electrical performance of our products but with our low cost guarantee.

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