Amgis Toroidal Power Products

Industrial and Manufacturing Toroid Transformers

Amgis has developed quality products for the industrial and manufacturing industry for many years. Product reliability is very important in industrial applications because it ensures that machine downtime does not cause delays in production; delays in production often means that our customer loses revenue and maybe a customer of their own.

Transformer efficiency is critical in industrial applications. In a factory of 20-30 machines, our customers need to make sure extreme power losses in their electrical equipment does not affect production rates. A toroidal transformer is often the best choice in ensuring low losses. Also, with our toroidal product, we can guarantee that you will not only get a smaller, lighter product than a traditional EI transformer but a product with a better energy efficiency. A smaller product also means that our customer will not need to sacrifice space for performance.

To meet the needs of the industrial market, our team of engineers has developed a very diverse line of Commercial Grade Toroidal Transformers. The dual 117V, 50/60Hz input makes our product compatible in US and international applications. This product includes a dual voltage output at VA ratings of 100 – 3000VA. If your application requires an input, output, or VA rating that is not included within our standard line, we can definitely work with your engineering team in developing a custom solution.

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