Amgis Toroidal Power Products

Audio Toroidal Power Transformers

Amgis has the experience and capabilities to develop toroidal transformers used in various types of audio equipment such as power amplifiers. We understand the importance of great sound quality so we are confident that our low noise transformer designs will meet your audio needs.

Quiet Transformer Design

In an audio application, unfiltered noise or unwarranted harmonic distortions can produce signal spikes that will affect the overall sound quality. Our unique Quiet designs will provide a long term solution for your audio needs, while not sacrificing overall size and cost.

High Frequency Magnetics

We can also develop high frequency magnetics including, but not limited to, high frequency ferrite core transformers, pulse transformers, and high frequency inductors . As with our low frequency components, we have the equipment needed to fully test 100% of high frequency magnetics; in addition to our fully automated magnetics tester, we also have an inductance analyzer with DC Bias testing capabilities (up to 100A DC Bias), which enables us to fully evaluate a low/high frequency inductor with a DC Bias load.

Our team of engineers has over 20 years of combined audio magnetics design experience. We will work closely with your team and develop the best solution for your audio application.

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