Amgis Toroidal Power Products

Renewable Energy Toroid Transformers

Our knowledge in the renewable energy industry has allowed Amgis to develop quality products for today’s demanding renewable energy applications. As industry standards continue to evolve, we understand the importance of delivering energy efficient products.

In the solar power phase of the industry, for example, high efficiency inverters are needed to convert DC electricity generated by the photovoltaic cells on a solar panel to AC power; our unique transformer designs can be used in these inverters to help provide a low loss power output, while still meeting size, cost, and performance requirements. In wind energy systems, our products deliver reliable performance, while producing minimal harmonic noise; this unwarranted noise can affect the delivery of a clean 50 or 60Hz signal to the commercial or residential grid. In addition to helping control the frequency signal, a high efficiency transformer is needed to control the pitch of the blades, which helps control the overall efficiency of the system.

Amgis is readily committed to providing immediate solutions for any renewable energy project. Whether you are looking for a low profile transformer or a 15A rated inductor, we are sure our low cost products can meet your needs.

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