Amgis Toroidal Power Products

Industries Served

Our medical grade toroidal transformers are designed and tested to meet UL 60601-1, CSA C22.2 No. 601 and EN 60601-1 medical standards. Our standard medical grade transformer line is designed for a 120/240V 50/60Hz input and dual 120V outputs; we offer various VA ratings, from 100 – 5000VA. This line already carries UL/c-UL recognition to the medical standards along with a CB report to European EN60601-1.

In an audio application, unfiltered noise or unwarranted harmonic distortions can produce signal spikes that will affect the overall sound quality. Our unique Quiet designs will provide a long term solution for your audio needs, while not sacrificing overall size and cost.

Our knowledge in the renewable energy industry has allowed Amgis to develop quality products for today’s demanding renewable energy applications. As industry standards continue to evolve, we understand the importance of delivering energy efficient products.

Our MUJ Series line of SMD interface modules is one of our most popular high frequency products; it is fully compliant with the CCITT.I.430 standard and is fully compatible with common Integrated Circuit (IC) layouts. We also offer a variety of standard high frequency common mode chokes and inductors; common mode chokes with high impedances and high frequency inductors can be used to decrease unwanted noise in your transmission lines.

Commercial and residential energy standards have evolved quite a bit over the years. More emphasis is being placed on how efficient an electrical system is, efficiency standards are reaching minimum requirements of 95% or better.\.

Amgis has helped develop magnetics for the oil and gas industry for many years. Our team of engineers has the experience and knowledge to design magnetics used in any extreme environment, including but not limited to environments of high temperatures (up to 260°C), and in areas of high levels of vibration.

Product reliability is very important in industrial applications because it ensures that machine downtime does not cause delays in production; delays in production often means that our customer loses revenue and maybe a customer of their own.

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