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Enclosed Medical Transformers

Enclosed Medical Transformers

Amgis has developed a line of fully enclosed medical isolation transformers for North American applications which features toroidal transformer technology. These units provide additional safety and protection for a wide range of medical applications. When electronic devices are being used in a medical environment, the MedBox units will bring the equipment into compliance with the UL 60601 medical standard. The transformers are designed for 120V 60Hz input with 120V output. Five power ratings are available: 300VA, 600VA, 900VA, 1200VA and 1800VA. The transformers incorporate RFI filtering and in-rush current limiting. The toroidal transformer technology results in light weight, high efficiency, quiet operation, low temperature rise and minimum stray magnetic field.

The MedBox medical toroidal transformers are intended to be used by medical OEM manufacturers desiring stand alone medical isolation transformer protection or hospitals looking to isolate electronic equipment from the power source.

Features and Benefits

  • Fully enclosed toroidal medical grade isolation transformers housed in a white enclosure
  • Five power ratings are available: 300VA, 600VA, 900VA, 1200VA and 1800VA
  • Designed for 120V 60Hz North American operation
  • UL Listed for UL 60601-1
  • Highly efficient toroidal technology resulting in compact size, reduced weight and low power losses
  • Low leakage current design yielding less than 100 μA leakage current
  • Built in RFI filtering and in-rush current protection
  • Surge suppression
  • 10 ft. hospital grade power cord
  • Duplex hospital grade receptacles
  • Amgis' full line of enclosed medical isolation transformers
  • Illuminated On/Off circuit breaker
  • Floor standing or wall mount option
  • Custom designs available


  • OEM Manufacturers
  • Hospitals
  • Medical facilities


UL 60601-1 Listing

As a testament to the dependability MEDBOX Fully Enclosed Medical Isolation Transformers UL Listing and safety of our transformers, the MEDBOX medical isolation transformer product line has obtained a UL listing, giving the transformers the ability to bring medical equipment into compliance with the UL 60601 medical standard. By obtaining this standard, our customers can rest easy knowing their medical devices are being protected by transformers that are recognized with a global standard for meeting strict safety and reliable operation standards. Specifically, UL/c-UL is listed to UL 60601-1, under the UL-file number E 346463.
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Fully Enclosed Medical Isolation Transformers

Part Number VA Length (in) Width (in) Height (in) Weight (lbs) NEMA Plug Hospital Grade Duplex Outlets Quote
MedBox-0300 300 10.00 5.63 4.13 10 5-15P 2 × 5-15R
MedBox-0600 600 12.50 7.13 4.13 16 5-15P 3 × 5-15R
MedBox-0900 900 14.00 9.63 4.13 21 5-15P 4 × 5-15R
MedBox-1200 1200 14.00 9.63 4.13 27 5-15P 4 × 5-15R
MedBox-1800 1800 14.00 9.63 4.13 36 5-20P 4 × 5-20R


Dimensional Diagram

fully enclosed medical transformer dimensional diagram

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