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LCP Series Miniature Low Cost Toroidal Inductors

LCP Series surface mount toroidal inductors are designed for use in applications where energy storage is required for maintenance of a highly stable inductance when a rapid change in load current occurs. These inductors are excellent for filtering high frequency signals while supporting a substantial DC current as well as for AC ripple, switch mode power supplies and for use with DC-DC Converters.

LCP Series Miniature Low Cost Toroidal Transformers

ROHS Compliant


  • Operating frequency to 1 MHz
  • High energy storage with minimum saturation
  • High stability from no load to full load
  • Designed as 1:1 Coupled Inductor (Series or Parallel) or as 1:1 Isolation Transformer
  • Meets lead free reflow level J-STD-020C
  • Fully RoHS compliant


DC-DC Converters Common Mode Filter Computer Note Books Pulse Modulation Switching Regulators: Step-up, Step-down, Inverting or dual output Filtering Battery Powered Equipment

Electrical Specifications @ 25°C

  • Test voltage between windings: 500 Vrms
  • Operating temperature range: -40°C to +125°C
  • Climatic Category: IEC68-1 40/125/56
  • Test frequency: Inductance measured @ 10kHz/10mV
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